Monday, September 10, 2007

Let me eat COMFORT FOOD!

I have been in the same business for about a hundred years – wait it just feels like it! As long as I have been thumping and bumping around I had to do something today that I have never gotten use to doing. I had to terminate someone employment. This was not just anybody; it was someone I cared a great deal about. They have been with the company for 7 years; I have watched their children grow up. I have watched them develop into a strong self sufficient person. Or, so I thought.
I pride myself on being a good judge of charter and my judgment about this person has not changed. This person is bright, intelligent, one of the hardest people I have every met and has a smile that will light up a room. What happened you ask? Short answer – personal problems that were bigger than their work abilities. Problems that I had tried to counsel them about many times.
Sometimes my kindness is mistaken for weakness and when this happens I have to do what is best for the man that signs my check. It still does not make the process any easier. At times I am in awe that I have been given the ability to strip someone of their livelihood. No one has the right to do this, but everyday a decision has to be made many times all over the world. Today was my day to decide that I cannot save everyone because some people do not want to be saved or do not have the ability to save themselves.
I try to treat everyone that I work with respectfully and with the same courtesy that I want in the work place. The sad truth is that most of us have to work, I am no exception. My thought has always been – We are all adults, we all have a job to do lets “get’r done”. I do not need to remind anyone that I am the “boss”. When I have to play the “boss card” it is not a good day for me.
I have eaten 2 lbs. of chocolate, drank a liter of coke and still have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to go. Soon my sorrow will be drowned. I will not be able to get in any of my clothes tomorrow and all this sugar will make me swell up like a blow fish – but for tonight I need comfort food because someone I care about is hurting. I am wise enough to know that this is because of their actions not mine, but that does not help tonight.
My prayer is that over the pasted few years I have given this person the abilities to move forward in this profession when the time comes. I will continue to lift them up in prayer every day.


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