Saturday, October 6, 2007

We had to come back

Honey, I’m home! Yes, we got back from a wonderful stay at the beach. I highly recommend that everyone take the time to recharge their batteries a couple of times a year. If you think your “job” just can’t make it without you trust me you are wrong. The way I look at it is – if I got hit by a tuck tomorrow they would have someone else to do my job the next day. I work to make a living; I do not live to work. I pride myself in my job and try to give an honest day’s work so that I do not have to apologize when I get my pay check.
If your husband in currently in formation to become a deacon makes sure that you make a way a few times a year to go away and enjoy nothing but rest and relaxation. It is important to spend time away from the world. I find that when we are away for a few days we both have a better chance to listen more closely to that small still voice. For me there are few things that make me feel any more connected to God than when I sit on the beach and watch the sun come up over the ocean. How can anyone question if there is a God when they sit before something as perfect as the ocean at sunrise.
I would have to say that vacation was a huge success. We slept, ate, slept, walked on the beach, ate, slept. Do you see a pattern here? Most of all we were together and I have no greater friend than my husband.