Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hitch in my get-a-long!

Have you ever been sailing along thinking life is good and all of a sudden out of nowhere you get a hitch in your get along? Well, this week I received such a hitch! I have been with the same company for almost 10 years. Tuesday a meeting was called. The beginning of the email sounded like a jury summons. You know the one - setting all business aside. There were to be no excuses accepted you would be there. In all the years I have been with the company that has never happened so I had enough sense to know something was up. Speculation ran ramped among those that had been summoned to the Ivory Tower. None of us ever suspected what we were to learn at 1:45 Tuesday afternoon. The owners of the company have made the decision that they are going to sell the management company. AND they had the new guys there to say Hello. Where did this come from, had we all been asleep and missed the signs that this was about to happen? Who knows! All I know is I will soon be working for a company that I did not apply to.
I think overall it will be a good thing especially for the younger employees. Some have advanced as far as possible with the company. Having new owners that plan to grow the company will open new areas of opportunity for current employees that were not available before. Let me be the first to say God Bless all of those that want to climb the corporate ladder – but it ain’t me babe.
I am just not up to the task of climbing, I am real happy sitting on my little rung. Just too dang old! I was in great hopes that I would be able to ride out my final years of employment with the current company and fade quietly into the sunset and becoming the greeter at Wal-Mart. Being the Greeter at Wal-Mart has long been a dream of mine. To stand at the door and simply smile and wave at people has to be the greatest gig going. No one ever yells at the Greeter. No one ever expects the Greeter to make decisions that may impact a person for the rest of their life. No one ever ask to borrow money from the Greeter. The greeter does not have a To Do List that never gets done. The Greeter never looks at his watch and realizes that it is 3 pm and he has not had lunch or gone to the bathroom all day. The Greeter simply greets. Yeah, that the job for me!
So, here I am at almost 60 standing at yet another crossroads. OK God, I hear you laughing! Glad to be of entertainment value for you again. I know that if God has brought me to it He will bring me through it. I know that God’s will in my life is so much better for me than I could ever imagine. So, I will let go and let God. That does not mean that I will not work hard, I firmly believe that God helps those that help themselves. I will work hard to make the acquisition go smoothly and will continue to work hard for the new owner’s. Just hope they don’t ask this old crippled up woman to jump too high.
Don’t ever take anything or anyone for granted. Things can change with a blink of an eye or the shake of a hand.


  1. You know, I just said to another co-worker that as God may always be around and have His hand in everything, sometimes His sense of humor escapes it does here with this news!

  2. You would be the best Walmart greeter ever!