Friday, June 29, 2007

Hey, I am the Ya Ya - he can do what ever he wants!

This is the face that I spent the day with! I must admit that it did not look this way all day. This occurred when pizza was served for lunch - it was too hot to hold so he ate it like "Clifford". You know the one "Clifford the Big Red Dog". He is all the rage around our house these days - we just overed the "Thomas the Train" phase. While we still lapse into a Thomas mode from time to time - Cilfford is the big draw. From what I can learn Cilfford lives on a island because he got too big for his house - so his family moved to Birdwell Island. It seems that Clifford is owned by Emily Elizabeth and has a couple of friends, one is named T-Bone. I am a bit fuzzy on the rest of the story at this point. What amazes me is that a 2 year old can remember all this stuff.
We went to eat today and there were several people standing outside - and the kid says "Ya Ya those people are smoking, that is not good". No one in the family smokes so I am not sure where he gained this bit of knowledge. We went to a construction area not far from the house - they are building yet another "SUPER Wal-Mart (not to be confused with a regular Wal-Mart - no this one is much larger and requires the removal of a lot more trees) At any rate it is cheap entertainment for a 2 year old boy. He knows the names of all the equipment - back hole, front end loader and so on - so I can't go wrong with a big belly washer from RaceTrac and a shade tree. That kid will sit there for hours just watching them work.
Then we came home - had to let him terrorize the dog for a bit. Toby lives his life either in my lap or laying next to me. Not much interrupts his day EXCEPT a visit from the kid! It will take Toby all weekend to recover.
I got the kid all sugered up before his parents came to get him - he will not sleep for hours! Be a grand parent is great and pay back is hell!

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