Saturday, November 3, 2007

RCIA - The journey begins

Recently we started a new RCIA class. I love the RCIA process! Tom and I have been teaching for 10 years now and every year I am like a kid before Christmas. I am so excited to see who God will send our way and every year I am not disappointed. As Catholic’s we do not go out and recruit “new members” we depend on the Holy Spirit to lead folks to” Inquire” about our faith. I can honestly say there is nothing I love more than sharing my faith.
People show up for so many different reasons. Some because they are getting married, some because they are just curious about what being a Catholic is all about, others come because their children are attending Catholic school. This year we have a young guy and when I ask him what had brought him to Inquiry he told me “My Mom made me come”, hey at least he was honest. What I have noticed is that no matter why they began coming to class by the time they finish the journey it has become personal. God has blessed me many times when I have witnessed the moment when the reason a person came changes and they begin their personal journey to a deeper relationship with God.
We spend the first few classes answering what I call the 10 Catholic Questions – you know the ones I mean: Why do you worship Mary? Why do you HAVE to confess your sins to a priest? Why does Priest not marry? Why do you pray to Saints? And so on. I never cease to be amazed at how much misinformation there is floating around out there. Their reaction is priceless when I tell them that as Catholic’s we in no way worship Mary and that any relationship we have with Mary is intended to lead us closer to her son Jesus, it takes them awhile to get their mind around that one.
I have no idea who will come into the Church this Easter Vigil. I am certain that I will have been blessed by being allowed to be a small part of their journey.
Share your Catholic faith, the more you share the more you have!

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